Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lavender, Viridian and Amber: Dawn


finished (?) painting

I've been incredibly stretched lately with family ill health, exams and not feeling great myself :>( so sorry for my absence.

Today was the first day painting for ages. This is a Christmas present for my eldest daughter who has moved to a new home and decided to have 'white walls and lots of seascapes'. mmmm

This is based on sketches done in Cornwall, combining elements of several - and choosing the images for the colours - to match her rather gorgeous eau de nil/pale jade curtains 8>O !

Unusually for me it's entirely in acrylic. I started out in acrylic inks and then moved on to acrylic paint. At some point I may do some canvasses based on the details as I like their simplicity. I think I would have to use oils for those ...... or .... maybe not. I actually quite liked using these today, whereas I don't normally complete a painting in them because I get to a stage where I just need oils.

It was done with Liquitex acrylics and I really like their texture for the way I work. I also like the way the plastic caps don't get grunged up and refuse to go on again like many metal tubes :>)

I know Tina loves her acrylics and gets incredibly subtle veils of paint with them - how about you?


Jeanette said...

This is a beautiful peaceful painting. The colours are lovely and will work so well against white walls. Lucky girl!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I just love the colours in this one

I'd never know that you were using acrylics rather than oils.

vivien said...

thank you both :>)

Lindsay said...

No matter what the media, you are so comfortable. Looks wonderful. And I agree about the acrylic comment K made.

Laureline said...

I'm so sorry things have not been going well, though I hope by now you've had amelioration on all fronts. Your daughter is very lucky to have you to supply her with fabulous art for her walls!

Sarah Wimperis said...

lucky girl indeed!