Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fogarty's Wetland

On Sunday as I was driving along a stretch of highway, an area of wetland caught my eye and I backtracked and finally found how to locate it. Its on the doorstep of the area where I work within Pippy Park. The area is called Fogarty's Wetland and is marked with walking trails and a little bridge across the wetter area.

The Google Earthh map shows how it's cornered by highway and road - a little vestige of bog still left to be explored within the City. I have to be ashamed to say that I haven't explored Pippy Park even if I pass by it every day on my way to and from work. I can see that I need to spend some more time there.

The wetland is littered with dead trees and cat tails. Its a rather sombre palette at this time of year, as not much is green and the day was rather overcast as well. I'm always a bit timid with colours at the best of times and this piece seems rather insipid, but the dead grasses and dulled colours really do dominate this landscape.

I did a quick sketch on the spot then took that home to do an oil study. I would like to paint the same spot over time to see the changes in colour of the grasses and see the levels of the water change.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

I know I'm enjoying my ponds. You new place sounds very promising to me.

It's certainly very interesting returning to the same spot again and again. You see so much more because besides what you see - in static terms - you also see all the changes. Getting all that extra visual data is offset by the fact that a large part of it is already in your brain so it's a bit like having a visual kick start!

You've got a real leaning towards the browns and greeny blues or is that just Newfoundland - or maybe even your palette?

What colours do you use?

Jeanette said...

Yes, I agree, you see something different each time you visit a place. Its a constantly changing scene.

The browns and greeny blues truly are what Newfoundland looks like right now. Nothing is green, except the dark greens of spruce or pine. The grass hasn't started to grow so everything is this ochre colour of old dried out grasses from the previous year.

Next month things should green up a bit, til then we're stuck with dullness.

My palette is simple for the most part. Naples yellow, yellow ochre, sap green, terra verte, paynes grey, white - a little cobalt blue and venetian red or burnt sienna perhaps.

I need to take the same piece and use a completely different colour palette to liven it up. Its all one big experiment!

Lindsay said...

Looking at your Google Earth reminds me of how hemmed in the Des Plaines River is too. All this industry and human habitation crowds the whole river, making it more precious to me.

I imagine this tiny bog remnant was part of a much larger drainage system. It's a beautiful way to honor the land in its original state.

Charlene Brown said...

Great idea to use Google Earth to show the improbasble location of this little gem.

africantapestry said...

I do enjoy these softer colours, the palette reminds me alot of the "older" palettes, which I love. It will be exciting to see the change in seasons and the accompanying colours though. Life is a series of experiments, one after the other, why not art?

vivien said...

I like the way you capture the muted colours specific to the place :>)

and this will be well worth revisiting