Monday, 20 April 2009

Spring at Willow Pond

Ecology Park Pond Series #11 - Spring at Willow Pond - 8th April 2009
8.5" x 11.5", coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

The first time I went back to the ponds on 8th April, Spring had well and truly got started and there was a huge difference compared to my visit before my leg problem.

I wanted to capture the light behind the willows while they were still in that lime green unfurling leaves stage. However they look a bit stilted to me even though I know pollarded trees have a very definite shape.

I'm happier with the surface of the pond where I think the light and the surface changes are coming across quite well. I have to confess I could get into just drawing the colour and forms of the pond surface very easily. I so get what Monet was up to now and why he ended up doing 250+ paintings of the water in his pond!

You can see photos of what April looks like at the Ecology Park Ponds here -
Ecology Park Pond April 2009


Anonymous said...

Love the play of light on your pond Katherine! The light in the air is very crisp and playful at the moment and early mornings are just beautiful on the ponds, rivers...water,

Lindsay said...

The slide show is beautiful. Is that a bee hut I see in one of them?You are so much greener in London that we are here in Chicago.

I can see you doing a series of reflections paintings! I like the reflections very much.

BTW, I've noticed for awhile you have this nice little plug in with our time zones. Nice touch!
Glad your leg is better and you can get out.

Jeanette said...

The movement of air across the water surface as well as reflections is quite apparent here. That's one of the most difficult things to capture, that slight change in water surface texture.

I have a ways to go before leaves appear here yet, so I envy your green.

Jeanette said...
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Charlene Brown said...

So glad you've found some time to get back to the Ecology Pond series, though I can't imagine how with everything else you do. Those ripples are as mesmerizing as the real thing!

vivien said...

lovely glassy surface to the water - these will look lovely when you've got the whole year of weather

I don't quite understand the tree shadows though?

caseytoussaint said...

Very nice piece - the colors are so transparent and clear!