Sunday, 5 April 2009

Waterways Project: More Strata

22" x 30"
mixed media on paper

This is my first attempt at the strata concept I discussed earlier. You can see a planning sketch on my blog here. I'm not thrilled with the results but it its good to try new stuff. Typically, I start a few pieces at the same time but I did not have time to work this way. Perhaps it deserves a mini series. Taking risks is all part of the process, especially when working with a new idea.

Who knew that Katherineloved Geology?
" Did you know I used to have to draw these for real for my geology exam at school. Yup - I have a real-life qualification in geology and I still remember far more geology than I do other stuff!"

Here is the link she left for me on my post. There are some really amazing maps of the Geology of Illinois available for sale here too. (Just in case you wanted information on where the coal deposits exist, you can get a mineral map for that there.)

Here you can see a slice of my process for these drawings. I've tapped off all the areas I want to remain white and I'm running the media right across all the strata to unify all the windows. I like the freedom of working on such a large sheet and using gestural movements with my whole arm.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

This is really great Lindsay - I like it a lot. Very evocative.

Of course sedimentary layers are the biggest watermarks around!

Lindsay said...

Well, it takes a Geologist to help underline this point!!

Laureline said...

This will be a very rich direction for you to follow, Lindsay! I like the beginnings very much!

vivien said...

a rich direction indeed :>)

Lots of potential here for BIG canvasses

Jeanette said...

Oooh, yes, I love these vertical slices. It makes me strain to see a little more. I agree with others, there is a lot of potential in this.

It inspires me to tinker with all those sedimentary layers in the cliffs rising out of the ocean here.

Lindsay said...

Jeanette,the greedy little image maker in me is jumping up and down to see your cliff strata!!Ocean side by any chance?